Asshole of the Month: Florida By Corey Adam

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Asshole of the Month: Florida  By Corey Adam

This Months Asshole is a total dick, in shape at least. Behold Florida!

We all watched (or said we did) as the Zimmerman trial wrapped up and he was found Not Guilty.  Immediately my twitter and facebook feed was swamped with people outraged most of whom claimed this being a race issue. But I think if we look deeper we know the real villain, that’s right, Florida.
A paid Attorney by the state of Florida lost to a man who opened his defense with a knock knock joke, good job. And this is not the first time you showed the world you are not capable of justice, Florida.

Remember Casey Anthony?  The mother who lovingly googled “neck snapping” and “how to make chloroform”  whose kid showed up in a bag, she lied to police and still could only get 3 charges to stick.  Florida you are worthless, seriously what have you ever done, except give elderly people shelter from bankruptcy?

I am really starting to think Hurricanes are simply gods way of trying to wash out all the people who live in Florida out so normal people can enjoy Disney World. I just wish I knew how to express how much I hate you in words. Good thing nature did it with Fire Ants.
I guess you can carry on being an ignorant pile of industrialized swampland,  in Miami clothing, I could care less. But seriously Fuck you for George Bush!