Asshole of the Month: Michelle Bachman By Corey Adam

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Asshole of the Month: Michelle Bachman By Corey Adam

The asshole for the month of May, was probably Monsanto. I mean come on Bio-piracy, show up even though nobody wanted you, and ask for money for things people already know. Asshole.

     But on May 29, 2013 a video hit the internet of Michelle Bachmann resigning. What an asshole. Fuck you Michelle you do not get to win 4 straight terms and rob the people of Minnesota the right to watch you cry in total defeat. But no you give us a don't elect me campaign video, Fuck you!! Every time you won, was simply exited, the higher the climb the bigger the stain when you fall flat on face, bouncing no less than 3 times on your rubber face. Seriously you look like the kid from Mask Fucked white Fang.

     Michelle, cause I know you are reading this, you once said ”There are hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel Prizes, who believe in intelligent design.” I don’t think I could ever believe in a god that wouldn't silence you.

Speaking of silencing, a very special message to the people of Minnesota's 6th Congressional District. You no longer get to vote. You had your chance, all four of them, you fucked up. And now you get to shut up, you are almost as bad.