Asshole of the Month: Justin Bieber: Holocaustic By Brandon Notreynoso

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A few weeks ago, Justin Bieber was in Amsterdam for all the wrong reasons. Most mature adults go to Amsterdam to see what hookers are like on mushrooms. Bieber, however, had different plans.

While most people would find the Anne Frank Museum sober or humbling, Justin Bieber wrote in the guest book that it was “truly inspiring.” Yeah, what a creative spark child murder can be! I can’t wait for his next hit. “Anne Frank, Anne Frank, Anne Frank, Oh! Take Anne Frank, Anne Frank, Anne Frank? No!”
Bieber continues: “Anne was a great girl.” Finally, that debate is settled.
Then, Bieber whips out his closer. “Hopefully, she would have been a Belieber.” How unbeliebably rude. Anne Frank would’ve had better taste than that. In fact, being from 1940s Germany, she probably would have found Bieber’s futuristic music noisy and off-putting.
Maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on the guy. It’s just that sometimes when you hear about the systematic murder of millions of people, it reminds you of how rich and famous you are. I mean, who hasn’t been guilty of that at some point? This kid may write his own songs, but can he really be expected to write something respectful in a museum guest book? Let the history books decide!
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