Asshole of the Month: Jerks by Mike O'Keefe

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Asshole of the Month: Jerks by Mike O'Keefe

You know who’s been a real Asshole this month? Jerks. 

We all know ‘em and we all pretty much hate their stupid Jerk guts. Their cynicism and overall assholery has been a real thorn in my side. It seems like every time I want to do something sweet or kick ass like a wheelie or break dance in the middle of a woman’s public restroom, there’s a bunch of Jerks there to fuck it on up. Let people who aren’t Jerks do what they do without you getting in the way with your jerkiness, you asshole Jerks. Just because you can’t be sweet or kickass like the rest of us non-Jerks doesn’t mean you gotta harsh our good time buzz, man. So keep on doing what your doing, Internet, and don’t let those Jerks get you down. Because this month, Jerks are nothing but Assholes.

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