Asshole of the Month: Germany By Will Spottedbear

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Asshole of the Month: Germany By Will Spottedbear

Germany. They are the biggest pretentious douchebags. 

Ever since that whole ‘Nazi’ thing, they have been such sticklers about the whole ‘transparent government’ thing. They didn’t side with us when we attacked Iraq because they didn’t see the correlation between Al Qaeda and Sudam Hussan. Apparently, they don’t like the idea of accusing a group-of-people-who-have-no-direct-hand-in-whatever-atrocities-occur-which-cause-a mob-mentality, to attack the previously mentioned group of people, while high on emotion and a sense of revenge. It seems they are famous for this and are trying to make a name as the not-bad guys of the 20th century. Germany is making America look bad by trying to show us that we don’t have to oppress a group of people. First, they make apologies for the Jewish people and make reparation. This makes it very awkward when American politicians run across black people…or Native Americans…or Chinese people…Gay people…Japanese people… or other Asian people that were treated like they were Japanese people…Women…children…people with disabilities…Italian people…Irish people… or any other people who were in slavish conditions or forced to be sterilized. Luckily, politicians rarely run into any of these people. It’s ironic that the Germans are making these social situations so awkward for our politicians, since Germans are about the only people our politicians don’t get weirded by when seeing them in the hallway. Then Germany allows gay marriage in 2002. Germany has the nerve to show us that gay marriage is not such a big deal and won’t demolish a country. Now these jerk offs are being as callous as to give money away to save Europe from economic collapse. At least by getting all of Europe in their pockets Germany will finally have control of Britain. We are on to you Germany! Finally, Germany was one of the biggest supporters of President Obama. They thought that the promise of change meant a promise of change-from-Bush. Hey, we didn’t like that guy either. The mutual not-liking should have made us cool right? Apparently, Germany made a switcheroo when Obama started with the NSA monitoring our every move. Germany must not like Secret Police too much. These people are so dumb. They fell for Nazi propaganda. Who would allow people do be detained, tortured, murdered, abused, and monitored, simply because of their religion? Of course, the Nazis didn’t finish with the Jews. Eventually, everyone got treated as a have-not and then got blamed for being a have-not. What kind of assholes would let that shit happen?
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