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DogBrain with Andrew Cahak

DogBrain with Andrew Cahak:  010 - corey adam

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Dirty Bomb Shop (Season 2) Episode 28) Chronic Zen Talks Podcasts

In this Episode Chronic Zen talks podcasts.  Corey, Brian, and Joey chat about all things casting pods.  You will hear why you should start a podcast, what equipment you need, and how to schedule.  Thanks to all the people who have send emails asking about podcasting this episode is for you.  Click Read More to listen.


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Asshole of the Month: Jerks by Mike O'Keefe

Black Friday Comedy



Corey Adam performs live Comedy for people waiting in line for Black Friday Deals.
Corey Adam
Ben Herreid
Chad Martin
Corey Adam
Special Thanks to:
Sam Sullivan

El Willy's Vive!

Laughter lives!  Every Sunday at Willy's in Coon Rapids.  One of the longest running bar open mics in all of the twin cities is alive and well.  Each week features a different headliner, sometimes Local, regional, and National.

 Show is at 10pm, sign up is at 9:30pm.

 There is no cover!

Drink Specials during the show!

Come see what all the fuss is about!



    You love CZ, hell we all do. In this episode you can hear your favorite gags,
 without all that stupid time vested. You want hear the intro clips in there original
 context? Yeah we all did but then the tech went wrong. 
Our 3 heroes toiled and brought you this forget gem. Episode 3! Again!
 Racist Drone Strikes, All the good shit is gone, and shameless promotion.
 Corey Sets his weed on the counter. Joey loves ass ferrets, and Brian Judges
 all other podcasts. This episode marks the first appearance of Rezipes, Joethoven,
 Rape Shiners, and Corey sings lobby A Capella. Remember Do not attempt to listen
 to CZ at home sober. Theses are untrained, unprofessional in a closed 
course in Denver.
 Grab some substances, and tune in. Chronic Zen Rides Again! Still!

Dirty Bomb Shop (Season 2) Episode 27) John Tole

John Tole sits in to talk Reverse Cowgirl, being an artist, and going with the flow of who you are.  John remembers San Diego, Dallas and Austin.  We discuss writing, craft and knowing when to go fulltime comedy.

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Dirty Bomb Shop (Season 2) Episode 26) Rory Scovel and Scott Moran


Rory and Scott join us to chat comedy, life love, and New York.  Rory reminisces about moving around.  Scott is not a fan analogies.  Rory talks about it always being practice.  

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Chronic Zen Episode #26 A TRIAL OF 4 LOBBIES

In this episode the gang must conquer these lobbies 4. DDR hates GTA, Joethoven starts the racism, and no one can Match Corey's energy but will it be enough? The lobbies ahead are dank and perilous.
Lobby 1 Sour Lemon: Here names are questioned and flavors are explained., in a show of Cuntsgiving spirit. Also the Governor of Hell
Lobby 2 Sour Dog: This lobby will pit friend against friend, Joey is wearing a wire! Suspicion, Can Detective Corey put it all together in time to escape Idiot Island?!
Lobby 3 OG Kush: Here the math is not adding up as Botanical Frankenstein stars in his very first squirt porn. Mr Craig T Nelson will never allow them to leave.
Lobby 4 Sour Diesel: The brakes are gone, and the pedals are working. They will have to endure Hippies and knife fighting sharks to survive. This is the best they can do!
Will the CZ Make it through all these lobbies? You'll have to listen to this pure audio brass to find out. Grab a blunt and play along. This is Chronic Zen


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