The 4th Annual Funniest Person in Coon Rapids contest presented by Stand Up! Records

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This August:
Willy's Bar and Grill
2501 Coon Rapids Blvd.
Coon Rapids, MN 55433
we will be holding the Fourth Annual: "Funniest Person In Coon Rapids" Contest Presented by Stand Up! Records
Show is still free (No Cover)
With Drink Specials all night
Each of the four weeks in August 2-23rd contestants will compete and be judged by a panel of judges, but lets face it these things are always rigged so bringing the crowd will probably win it for you. Categories include “Posse” “Dick Joke funny” “Ability to make crowd not punch them” “Right to talk” and “Holy shit they funny”
Each night 10-12 people enter 2 advance to the finals on August 30th
Line up is as Follows!
Angelo Vescio
Anil Kumar
Matthew Kohr
Casey Flesch
Mike Lester
Kelly Berger
Cooper Van Grol
William Spottedbear
Adam Quesnell
Patrick Ryan Bauer
David Sitrick
Andrew Wegleitner
AnDavid GabaSitrick
Cory Swap
Andy Gabatino
Margret Blaylock
Matt Fugate
AUG 16
Jacob Blank 
Linda Aarons
Eric James
Misha Estrin
Phil Kolas
Derrick Johnson 
Jack Boyd
Brandon Reynoso 
Dwight York
AUG 23
Thomas Chillstrom
Aaron Isaacs
jim norder
Senthil Rajasekharan
Royal Stein
Bjorn R-g
Chad Juettner 
Chris Maddock
Aug 30 The Finals!!!!
TBD 2 people from AUG 2
TBD 2 people from AUG 9
TBD 2 people from AUG 16
TBD 2 people from AUG 23
Tommy Ryman
The finals are an elmination 3 round play-off
cutting 8 people to 4
and 4 to 2
and 2 people will compete for THE GRANDEST PRIZE!!! and the right to call themselves “The Funniest Person in Coon Rapids”
The first Round will kick off August 2nd at 10pm
in round 1 each comic will be doing 3 mins
in the Finals all comics will be doing a different 5 mins every round
Also to help usher in this contest we have prepared a line-up of Stand Up! Records Headliners that are sure to bring the roof crashing. 
August headliners are as follows:
AUG 2: Adam Quesnell
AUG 9: Matt Fugate
AUG 16: Dwight York
AUG 23: Chris Maddock
AUG 30: Tommy Ryman
Open Mic will follow the headliner as always but, spots will be limited due to time contstraints of the contest and will be made availible on a first come first serve (no call in) basis.

This isn't anything special

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Choose weed

I'm not really familiar with brand engagement or customer satisfaction. I doubt you're a customer anyway. You probably got to this site because you had another fever dream where Corey Adam (comedian) saves you from a rapist alligator with penises for hands and rubber rain boots on his feet. The kind of alligator that's multi-lingual except the only languages it knows are fictitious or just random syllables created by gargling on it's own saggy balls.

Let's face it, you didn't want to be saved.


KickStarter FUNDED!!!!!

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KickStarter FUNDED!!!!!

The CD will be made!!!!!!!

Thank you to all the backers. Your support is both humbling and amazing. The CD will be made! And that is on all of you! I was nervous about this I didn't know what would happen. Then all of you happened. From the bottom of my tiny cold heart, I love you all. As of right now, All additional funds gathered will go into buying a video camera to do more comedy on the street. No Joke is not the end. I will continue to strive to come up with original approaches to comedy. I would like to get a setup of video and audio recording so I am able to make videos anywhere I want. Streets, Skyways, Stadiums, basically anywhere I feel like talking.

KickStarter! Corey Adam "No Joke"

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KickStarter! Corey Adam "No Joke"

“It’s time we the people make a statement. We want a Comedy CD without all those pesky Jokes. It is time for Corey Adam make an album. Not Just any Album, “No Joke”.”
Hello, I am Corey Adam, I approved/wrote that endorsement. With the Kickstarter money I am hoping to recoup and raise the cost of this album as well as the money to produce it. No Joke is an album of all crowd work. No written material, no planned bits, and of course, no jokes. This album was complied out of open mic sets done all over Minneapolis. This is a 40 plus minute of in the moment comedy.  2 years in the making!


DogBrain with Andrew Cahak

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DogBrain with Andrew Cahak

"Comedian and local Karnov-look-alike, Corey Adam, is here with insight about positioning and marketing yourself in the entertainment industry.  Corey also hosts his own podcasts, The Dirty Bomb Shop and Chronic Zen, and various open mics in the Twin Cities area and he knows how to fight and will tell you how if you ask.  Good stuff from a short, hirsute Italian man."